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Cosmetic Surgery of Veins Austin

Cosmetic Surgery Leg Veins AustinCometic Surgery or Plastic Surgery is a surgical speciality that deals with repairing parts of the body to improve the cosmetic appearance.  Austin Vein Specialists is a cosmetic surgery medical practice that specialized is plastic surgery procedures for vein disease.  We focus mostly on treatment of varicose veins and spider veins of the legs, but we also performs treatments on the face, feet, stomach, and other parts of the body.  Any part of the skin can develop abnormal veins.  Our focus is to resolve abnormal surface veins within the skin or beneath the skin in order to improve the appearnace of body.

Description of Plastic Surgery of Veins

Plastic surgery of veins is most often referred to as micro phlebectomy or ambulatory phlebectomy. Other terms include stab phlebectomy, hook phlebectomy, pin phlebectomy, or micro-incision phlebectomy. The concept is very simple. First, the skin and vein are numbed with local anesthetic such as Novacaine, Xylocaine, or Lidocaine. A very small incision is then made overlying the abnormal vein. A specialized vein instrument such as a tiny hook or angled pin is then placed through the small skin pucture in order to grasp and secure the vein. The vein is carefully delivered through the wound and separated from the skin and fat until it is fully delivered through the wound. The small skin pucture is often closed with dermabond (“skin super glue”) or a stitch / suture that dissolves.

Other Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Offered for Vein Disease

The type of cosmetic surgery procedure that is best for you is determined by multiple factors. These include the size of the veins, the number of veins, the location of the veins, the underlying anatomy of the veins attached to the surface veins, and whether the veins are spider veins or varicose veins.

The most common cosmetic treatment performed for spider veins is sclerotherapy. This involves injection of medications into the veins with a micro-needle to cause the veins to die and disappear. The second most common treatment for spider veins is laser therapy and Ohmic thermolysis such as Veinwave and VeinGog. These treatments utilize heat energy to heat or cauterize the abnormal veins, causing them to die and disappear. This treatment is most applicable for treatment of spider vein of the face, feet, or ankle. It is also frequently utlized for very small clusters of spider veins on the legs.

There most common cosmetic treatment for reticular veins (i.e. small varicose veins that are 1-3 mm in diameter) is sclerotherapy. Reticular veins are too larger to respond well to thermal energy such as laser. Reticular veins are usually either treated with traditional sclerotherapy or foam sclerotherpay. Ultrasound is often utlized to help guide this therapy.

Plastic Surgery for Varicose Veins of the Legs

Plastic Surgery Leg Varicose Veins Austin Round Rock TX
Cosmetic surgery treatment of varicose veins varies tremendously and depends on mutliple factors. The size of the varicose veins, the location of the veins, and the underlying vein anatomy beneath the varicose veins are some of the most critical factors that determine the best options for treatment of varicose veins. An ultrasound of the leg veins should always be performed prior to any cosmetic surgery for varicose veins. Ultrasound findings help the vein specialist to determine the treatment that will be most effective and provide you with the best cosmetic results. The ultrasound also helps to make sure that the treatment done will also minimize the risk of treatment failure or recurrence of varicose veins in the future.

Plastic surgery procedures for varicose veins fall into the below categories:
1) Phlebectomy
2) EndoVenous Laser Therapy (i.e. EVLT)
3) Radiofrequency Endovenous Ablation (i.e. Venefit or VNUS procedure)
4) Traditional Sclerotherapy
5) Foam Sclerotherapy
6) Clarivein Procedure
7) Varithena
8) Venaseal
9) Vein Ligation
10) Endoscopic SEPS procedure
11) Trivex powered phlebectomy

Which one of these procedures would best treat you vein disease would be determined by our vein specialists.

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