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Free Vein Consultations | Austin | Round Rock | Cedar Park Texas

Leg Vein Consultations

At Austin Vein Specialist, one of the services that we provide to the entire Austin community as well as the surrounding suburbs is free no-obligation initial vein consultations with our board-certified vein doctors to discuss your leg vein problems.  We provide this free vein consult as a complimentary  service in order to create public awareness in the community about the prevalence and significance of vein disease.  You are eligible as long as it is your first visit with our vein center and you have varicose veins or spider veins of your legs.

No Obligation Vein Consultation

free vein consultations with physician austin round rock texasDuring this free vein consultation, you will have a 30 minute visit with our board-certified vein physician  specialist.  During this consult he will first obtain a history about your what is occurring on your legs.  You will be questioned regarding symptoms such as discomfort, swelling, or fatigue of the legs.  You will also be asked about your concerns related to the cosmetic appearance of the areas on your legs.

Following the intake of your history you will be changed into shorts so that our doctor can thoroughly examine your legs, focusing in on the problem areas.  He will document the extent, size, and location of the abnormal veins.  Sometimes photographs will be taken for documentation as long as you give us permission to do so.  We will determine on your examination whether you have spider veins, reticular veins, or a combination of these.  We will also be able to let you know whether it appears that you have an underlying vein condition referred to as venous reflux disease.

Next we will go over a brief presentation in which we explain your particular condition.  We go over many issues, such as explaining why the abnormal vein develop, what you can do to minimize more veins from occurring, and what treatment options are available.  We provide brochures explaining the condition and the treatments.  We will discuss typical costs of treatments and what your health insurance will cover.  Following the physician presentation, we will answer any questions that you might have.

After the Free Vein Consultation

We will offer you the option of scheduling a treatment if the doctor feels you are a good candidate.  You may also receive a recommendation to undergo leg ultrasound testing prior to undergoing any procedure.  These diagnostic test are often necessary to determine underlying vein anatomy or vein disease prior to treatments.  Other recommendations could include the use of compression stockings or natural vein supplements.  The stockings can be fitted and purchased at our vein center.  We also have vein supplements available for purchase as well.   We will provide “aftercare” instructions if any treatments are scheduled.  We ask that you read over the aftercare information prior to the scheduled date of treatment.
There is absolutely no obligation to proceed with diagnostic testing or treatment if you decide that you are not interested. We will make recommendations for your vein condition and you can decide for yourself if you wish to pursue therapy.

How to Schedule an Appointment

We have vein clinics in the Austin, Round Rock, and Cedar Park Texas areas. If you wish to schedule a free consultation with our vein specialist, please call one of our vein centers at (512) 339-9100. Otherwise, fill out the contact form on this page and we will contact you for scheduling.


Contact us at one of our Vein Center locations in Austin or Round Rock / Cedar Park Texas to schedule your physician consultation with our board-certified Vein Specialist:

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